The Broken Families of Forced Adoption

Some days I sit and wonder why….. Why do I carry on? Why do I continue to cause myself heartache each time I get Screwed over by the Local Authorities with a God complex who only care about meeting their own selfish quota? Who cares why? It’s disgusting and unlawful! Goes against our Unalienable rights and human rights? Why is it Allowed and Why are we not doing more to stop these unGodly acts of Family Destruction? Why do I continue to share posts of these children when all it does is get me nowhere but angry, frustrated, broken hearted and make me sad? I’ll TELL YOU WHY….BECAUSE I LOVE MY CHILDREN MORE THAN MY OWN LIFE AND IF SOMEONE NEEDS TO DO IT, THEN WHY NOT ME? I’VE NOTHING LEFT TO LOSE BUT MY OWN LIFE WHICH IS SHIT WITHOUT MY CHILDREN! SOMEONE NEEDS TO HELP SHARE THESE FACES OF FORCED ADOPTION AND SOMEONE OTHER THAN ME NEEDS TO STAND UP AND SHOUT……SHOUT THEIR NAMES AND SHARE THEIR STORIES AND THEIR PHOTOS. NO CHILD OR PARENT FORGOTTEN OR LEFT BEHIND! WE NEED BRAVY MEN AND WOMEN TO TAKE A STAND AGAINST THESE FOR-PROFIT INDUSTRIES! DO IT NOT ONLY FOR YOUR OWN CHILDREN BUT FOR ALL CHILDREN WRONGFULLY REMOVED FROM THEIR FAMILIES! WAKE WORLD THEY ARE STEALING OUR CHILDREN FOR PROFIT. ONE DAY IT COULD BE YOUR CHILDREN WHO ARE TAKEN……. FOR NO OTHER REASON BUT PREDICTION OF THE FUTURE……


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